School Messenger Information

Quick notes

·         Live Answers:   “Hello” followed by a pause, will cue message playback. Multiple “hellos”  may delay playback. If system does not detect your voice wait for playback.           

·         Answering Machines:         Be sure that machine messages are free of any extended pauses and  that the machine picks up within 40 seconds of ring time (4-5 rings).

Here’s how voice detection works:

1.     The system detects and measures the voice energy when the phone is answered.

2.     The system measures this energy in combination with the background noise and line impairments.

3.     If the system determines that it is a “live” answer, it will immediately start playing the message.

4.     If the system determines that it is a machine, it will wait for three full seconds of silence before playing the message with a maximum wait time of twenty seconds.

5.     If the system cannot make a determination, it will default to answering machine thus requiring several seconds of silence for the message to play. In this case, you may hear a prompt to “press any key to hear the message immediately.”

Some reasons for false detection:

1.     Loud background noise; television, radio, general noisy environment.

2.     A cordless phone that has static or other foreign noise.

3.     Not saying “hello” or repeatedly saying “hello”.

4.     Cellular phones which, when called, have the ‘ringback tones’ music option.

5.     Answering machine/voice mail greetings which are too long or have long pauses in speech.

What can be done to remedy this

1.     Do not say “hello” more than once. If the system detected your answer incorrectly, all noise will reset the three-second counter.

2.     If, after you answer, the message does not immediately play, cover the mouthpiece of the phone to cutout all background noise. The message should begin after three seconds.

Please make every effort to provide the school with current and accurate phone information as well as email address to ensure that you do not miss important information.

If you are getting calls from the school and want your number removed from the list, please send the request, with the number you want removed to