Education Foundation

Mission Statement
The Cannon Falls Education Foundation (CFEF) is a non-profit organization committed to improving education for Cannon Falls Area Schools. The work of the CFEF is performed by an 18-24 member, 100% volunteer board. With the dedication of these board members, the Foundation is able to direct 98% of donations given in the last fiscal year directly to projects impacting students in Cannon Falls.

CFEF supports and promotes excellence in education by providing funding for all types of creative and innovative educational programs and activities that are above and beyond the programs supported by general education dollars. Since the Foundation's inception in 1993, over $750,000 has been given to the students of Cannon Falls. Each year CFEF hopes to invest more dollars into education. 

The Foundation's commitment will stay the same for the future: to continue to raise and provide funds for education. One-third of all funds raised are contributed to an endowment fund in hopes that one day the Foundation will become a self-supporting educational organization.

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